Was born in 1972 in Severodvinsk– a small town at the White Sea. In the same year her family moved to Leningrad, USSR (St.Petersburg, Russia), where she was grown during Soviet years up and where she live now.

 She traveled around the country a lot. First with parents, later on her own.

Graduated from the medical secondary school under the Military Medical Academy in Saint-Petersburg then the University of Culture. Worked in different places and had a shot at different jobs.

 She has been photographing since 2007. She was taught photography equally by Russian photojournalists and through seminars and Internet resources. Many skills she got by practice.

Publications: “Ogoniok”, “Russian Reporter”, “Russian Newsweek” , “Expert” and other Russian magazines.

Mostly interested in people, their life and thier relationships. Social topics, aspects of society's existence, contemporaneity, post-soviet's space development are the major theme of  her works.